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7-10 Business Days Shipping On Panel Orders

All Orders Have $50.00 Minimum Requirement

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ZoneZ Universal 08 Dimmer Panel

ZoneZ Universal 08 Dimmer Panel

SKU: ZZUDP-XX120-0008

3-5 Business Days Processing Time On All Orders
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When upgrading from our Legacy Touch-plate or GE/Remcon system, the entire system should be upgraded at one time due to shared common wires.
Replacement for Part #(s): -



The ZoneZ Universal dimmer panels are perfect for home or small business applications desiring simple low-voltage control with dimming. Besides new installations, ZoneZ Universal dimmer panels are also ideal for upgrades of existing low-voltage systems. ZoneZ Universal dimmer panels are the simplest dimmable lighting control system Touch-Plate offers.
Considering a system upgrade with ZoneZ Universal? Click here for more information.

Touch-Plate Model #: ZZUDP-XX120-0008


Dimming through longer button presses to dim up and dim down. Short button presses cycle it on and off.
Pilot light functionality (with updated LED indicator wall switch)
2 AMPs per dimmer channel
Can combine ZoneZ Universal Relays and ZoneZ Universal Dimmers in one panel - Contact us for ordering.


This upgrade system reuses the existing wiring in the walls.
Only switches with lighted buttons would need to be changed at the time of upgrade. The non-lit Touchplate switches can continue to be used with this system.
Future upgradeable to smart control/timing with purchase of Time-Keeper panel and re-programming of control board.

Common Applications

Residential or Commercial
Upgrade for existing Touch-plate or GE/Remcon low voltage relay panels.


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Product Specifications

Manufacturing Information:

Manufacturer: Touch-Plate
Product SKU #: ZZUDP-XX120-0008
Direct Replacement for Part #(s): -

Panel Details:

Product Type: Upgrade Dimmer Panel
Operational Environment: 0 - 60C (0 - 140F) non-condensing atmosphere
# of Relays: 8-Relay
Product Material: Boards: Black Rynite
Enclosure Type: Powder Coated White; U.S. Gauge Steel

Panel Dimensions:

Height: 12 in.
Width: 14.25 in.
Weight: 17 lbs
Depth: 3.75 in.
Diameter: -

Technical Information:

Wire Type(s): 18-22 AWG
Dimmer Wattage: 2 AMPs per channel/Roughly 240W Depending on load type
Load Compatibility: • Incandescent
• Fluorescent
• Magnetic Low Voltage
• Electronic Low Voltage
Power Input: • 120VAC feed into Transformer
Compatible Products: • Touch-plate Analog Contact Closure Wall Switches

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